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Phillips Gourmet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phillips Mushroom Farms, is the largest producer of value-added specialty mushroom products in the US. Located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the mushroom capital of the world, Phillips Gourmet specializes in the development and production of proprietary mushroom formulations for multi-unit restaurant operators, club stores, and grocery stores and provides a market-leading variety of ingredients to meet the needs of virtually any food manufacturer.

Phillips is a vertically integrated producer of specialty mushroom products. That has several advantages. First, our parent company, Phillips Mushroom Farms, grows over 35 million pounds of specialty mushrooms each year. This enormous growing capacity means that we can provide you with a consistent supply of mushrooms year-round. Our plant facilities are located on our farms, just steps away from our climate-controlled growing houses. Second, Phillips has invested in a new state of the art facility dedicated to the production of white mushrooms. At present, this high tech growing facility is producing 500,000 pounds of mushrooms a week, and when finished, it will produce 1,000,000 pounds weekly. That not only assures us unsurpassed quality and freshness but also allows our integrated quality control program to closely monitor our mushrooms from the beginning of their growing cycle through to our finished products. Therefore, we can provide you with the highest level of quality assurance possible.

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